We are an international company

We offer jobs with opportunities for advancement and the opportunity to make a career in the EU.

Our Goal

We wish to o offer our customers a high quality services and professional quality. For this we provide standardized services. We monitor our employees and offer them the opportunity of continuous advancement and improvement.

What we do

Our work is based on the recruitment and training of medical and nursing staff. Employees of our company have the opportunity to work in hospitals, gerontology centers and ambulatory care. In addition, we also offer home care and assistance services around the clock.

Our story

We have years of experience in the field of medicine and nursing that we want to pass on to our ambitious and competent staff. In this way, we guarantee our customers high quality services characterized by transparency, professionalism, reliability, accountability and loyalty.

Our core values



Our employees are characterized by their knowledge, careful work, high level of expertise and professional experience in the field of care giving.



The quality of our personnel is very important to us. Our employees have adequate health knowledge in accordance with German quality standards. Internal training is therefore an important factor and provides an opportunity for improvement.


Responsibility and appreciation

We hold the trust we have been given by our clients responsibly and carefully. We respect and value our clients to the highest degree.



The main priority of our company is the satisfaction of our clients and partners. Our accuracy and reliability distinguish us from others.


Transparency and loyalty

In our organization, these values are a matter of course in all areas. Transparency is very important to us, especially when it comes to home care.



Through harmonious co-operation between our employees and clients as well as between our partners, we manage to realize the very important value of our business, which is that our clients are always satisfied with the services provided.

Why you should choose us?

Satisfied costumers